For the 10th time the swim “LĪGO 4km” took place on the river Lielupe, where interested people accepted the challenge for the 4-kilometer swim on open water. At the individual distance, 27 swimmers took part in SOLO-4km, two of which did not finish. In turn, another 20 swimmers took part in the relay. In the women’s group, a new record was set – Agnese Gedrovica from Jelgava covered the distance from the Jelgava Yacht Club to the end of Pils Island in an hour and 33 minutes, which is two minutes faster than the previous record. Svetlana Shanceva ranked second with an hour and 42 minutes, Svetlana had a previous swim record set in 2018, 1 hour and 35 minutes, but the third woman about two kilometers went away from the race and did not finish. In the group of men, Vitaly Zhogla from Riga won the race with result 1 hour and 15 minutes. The second place is Jānis Buna from Riga with an hour and 25 minutes, Janis, the LĪGO 4km record holder, 1 hour and 10 minutes, was set in 2018. Dmitry Zhigunov from our winter club “Jelgavas Roņi” was third, he finished in an hour and 29 minutes. The event was organized by our club in cooperation with the “Jelgava Yacht Club” and “Jelgava Sports Service Center”. In the future, we have an idea to make the swimming “LĪGO 4km” more popular and accessible, offering also short distances for swimmers who are not completely confident in their strength in open water.

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