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About #JRC

The beautiful city of Jelgava is situated on the coast of Lielupe River, located only 40 kilometres from Riga (the capital of Latvia), the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Riga. Furthermore, Jelgava is the home of the winter swimming club Jelgavas Roņi, a club with a history of more than 30 years.

The first ever Jelgavas Roni Cup (further – JRC) was held in 2009 on the coast of Lielupe River at Yacht Club Jelgava, making this year the 12th time the following event will occur. For the last few years, the event was held on Driksa River, but this year, the event is coming back to Yacht Club Jelgava and the cold waters of Lielupe River are waiting for you!

In the past years, our event welcomed swimmers from not only Latvia, but different parts of the world as well. From Europe to North and South America, we are always happy to see as many winter swimmers as possible, as we truly believe that winter swimming unites people from all around the world.

Interested in participating? We have a variety of distances, starting from non-timed dips in cold water, to 450 meter swims. Choose the distance which you like best and join us on our next adventure in the cold water!

Event location

Event address: Pilssalas iela 4, Jelgava

Event program


Opening of the information center

8:30 - 10:30

Registration and accreditation at the information center

11:00 - 11:15

Opening Ceremony

11:20 - 11:40

4x25 meter team relay swim (all age groups) and performance team swims

12:00 - 12:30

Young Seals (dips and non-timed swims)

12:40 - 13:40

25 meter head-up breaststroke

14:00 - 14:20

25 meter ice butterfly

14:30 - 14:45

50 meter freestyle

14:50 - 15:20

Seals (non-timed swims)

15:30 - 16:00

100 meter freestyle or head-up breaststroke

16:30 - 17:30

Award ceremony

Accommodation and transportation

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